It's been a while

I rarely post here since I feel bored n all, I can't do anything much to the layout so I prefer more on my xanga and tumblr. There's a lot that happened and I can't even spill out the details since it'll be a very long story. Even so,I'm happy to got back here again. Will try to post bit by bit...though I'm not sure what to wrote. I like blogging and posting new stories,experiences,or whatsoever that I had both on my mind and my feeling and as far as I know, I can't stop doing this and making drawing or sketches. If I've to settle down, I'd like to do more on these two and some more things to invent---not that big invention just some ideas on crafting or jewelery making.
Well I wish everyone all their best,hope you all have a nice weekend and I'll see you all around...pretty much soon.