Eventually Come To An End

Lately, things went out very hard for Sha cuz My Lecturer keep complainin bout this n that on my mini-thesis..stressful,definetely cuz it's endless n I've got limited time 2 catch...

So, instead of crying again n again I've decide 2 have a faith in me by saying : "I'm taming a Lion right now n I'll be the only person who smiles in the end. Everything eventually will come to an end...and so are this painfull words from The Lion n it's disgusting methods---as it turn over every thing that it said be4.

Still, with these page, Sha would like 2 thank :

1.God, without the faith I'll be insane in a second
2.My Parents, who keep cheering me up day by day---I Luv U guys
3.My Sisters, without the stories U all shared with me, I still stuck with all the bad things
4. Mr.Fauzie Syuaeb, for his words not 2 give up
5. G, who had always be there whenever I need 2 hear his voices
6.ABS, for all his help these days

And For U, wo open, see, n read all of my posts here

I Luv U all Guys,
Wish that this Sanctuary will be ours 2 keep 4 eternity

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