Report #1

Hv U ever noticed when U'r so obsessed onto something, suddenly U'r face changed 2 a scary grin?? Well, I haven't till lately my Sis told me that I am. 2 be honest I am suprised, cuz 1st thing on my thought is : "Scary?? How could it be??"

Cuz as far as I concern,I didn't showed that expressions yet. Nevertheless, it is others who'll sees us not ourselves. Well, we do need a mirror 2 help, right?
To be honest, For me face n expressions is something that attractive whether it's frown or cherish. Well, that was one of the signs that we are alive--we're humans not robots. Though sometimes it is suggested that we should remain frowned when dealing with emotional matters and also laugh to let go of stress.

For some people expression is their ultimate weapon. Why? cuz with a frowned-looking face no one will be able 2 read how U'r emotions going so as to prevent others 2 read U'r mind as well. But in contrary, there are those who are easily 2 be read just with their expressions. And for mind-readers these people are easily 2 be used.

Even so, those who tends 2 be a frowned-looking sometimes finds herself/himself hard 2 express what they intend 2 say, as it's hardly appears on their face. While, those who are easily 2 be read sometimes having their hard times to hide their feelings.
So, which is U'r face profile..are U a frowned or "an expressionist"?

Whatever it is there's one thing U should remember (and it also goes for me as well ^0^):
As long as we live improvements can be made, so Do it! makeU'r life feel much more alive ^0^


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