Thousand times

Thousand times that she wished to die,
Thousand times that she gave up to cry,
the end was her only beginning
of something yet to becoming
Painful days,painful ways
Her world spinning on and on
Sorrowful days,sorrowful ways
Her thoughts shredding on and on

Thousand times,she told herself not to drown
Thousand times,she knew her face turns to frown
Thousand times, she sung his songs to deny
Thousand times, she sought for his shadows to rely

Painful days,painful ways
To live yet caught to gloom on and on
Sorrowful days,sorrowful ways
To hide herself deeper and it's on and on

Her life never goes too far from misery
It was then she would said that it's her destiny
Happiness is something that was too fast
For it always comes after a blast

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