For Mr.Fauzie Syuaeb, I thank You

I just awake this noon, received a SMS which makes me shocked: My grieve and deep condolences to Mr.Fauzie Syuaeb--My Tutor in University of Prof.DR.Moestopo....my grieve for I can't be there to meet him anymore..

I still remember very well, how those days went. A class on morning and his speech in a serious-looking face though he's joking. I admired him so much as he inspired me to move on in this life, to grasp everything that we can, to be what we want to be no matter how the risk then will be, to fill our brain and empty spaces with all of the knowledge that we can get, and to do everything that we can in this life. Never to waste a second moment of it, because life is precious and those who never use it very much, was a fool.

I remember that morning class in 5th semester, filled with laughter.. when he, half jokingly told us of how the "Thesis and The Test" usually goes. How he said that we should defend something that we know were right no matter how The Professor will say next.

On the extra class at that saturday, I still remember how he looked so sorry at me when I asked his permission to go home sooner as I received the news that My Grandmother died that morning.

I never knew that he remember me from that day.

The next time I met him, was in the evening class on 7th semester.I heard a lot of stories about him: from his sickness as he went hospitalized after having a stroke attack, how everyone especially his students had missed him a lot, including me. So when I knew that He taught us on that class, I was so excited and so fascinated to heard all of his stories about his life and we should never made the same mistakes as he did before.

On my last semester,the 8th..I was having a hard time to go on..I stumbled upon many obstacles and went down so drastically. I even thought of not continuing my Thesis since I know that My Professors both were giving me such a hard time to completed just The first chapter, while most of my friends had move on to the third chapter...

I met him outside, as he sat and talking with his students..suddenly he called me. I was amazed that he even remember my full name.

"Never to give up because I know U can" was the last thing he told me,when I was having that conversation about my last Thesis..how he encouraged me to move on..it touched my heart so much that I suddenly had the will not to gave up that instant.

After that, I never met him again..I just heard stories about him from my juniors and my friends: His wife died and he was grieving that badly, then he found someone that he could truly loved so he chose to marry her, then now..I can't even believe it myself..He had gone..gone from this world..and I can't even be there just to say "Thank You" in front of his face..

A unique personality is what I will describe U,Mr.Fauzi Syuaeb. how U told us that we can called U by Ur nickname "Bang Ojie", how U taught us everything and told me not to gave up on everything, how that eyes glittering in such confidence that I can be the best..I hope these words can reached U..

"Bang Ojie..kami semua menyayangimu karena kau perduli pada kami.Dan aku tidak akan pernah lupa apa yang telah kau katakan padaku.Terima kasih atas apa yang telah kau berikan padaku selama ini.Semoga amal baikmu dapat diterima di Sisi ALLAH SWT..semoga kau mendapatkan kebahagian di alam sana.Amin"

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