If Lonely Kills U

Did U ever felt so lone like everyone abandoned U, they forgot about U ? even if U'r there, they weren't even realized that U'r exist..
If so,what would U do?
No one can hide from the feeling of lonely, nobody even want 2 feel it.
But it's always happens..true that Humans soon will die and they will entered an endless road on another world all alone. True that we have to stand and fight for our own sake by ourself..all alone.
If lonely kills U so much, there's not much to do except avoiding it. Let U'r soul at ease, put U'r thought onto something new or getting busy with some other activities that U can find. Don't even let U'r thoughts or feelings of lone driven U to do something bad. Don't let U'rself drown in the blackeness of lone. Though there are some who lived through the days by the blackness as their company...but it's not fair 4 U'r own sake.

Why? cuz the more U'r drown with it, the more it kills U. Pain which caused by these will surely affected U'r own perception 2 others. U become so paranoid, sceptic, so hopeless 2 enter a new neighborhood cuz U know they won't even accept U. Those negative thoughts soon will letting U 2 enter the world of no one, except U who dwells in it. U will start to find other support, by running from reality. U feels that fantasy is always welcomed U, as if U'r home. They accept U as what U are without even seeing or noticed the goods within U.

U thought U'r world is cheerful, but others may find that it's gloomy. They'll start 2 call U "A Geek" or "A Freak" or any others. How do U feel then?
Giving up with it even if there are some people who offer their hands 2 U ? or Refused 2 accept everything from every1 cuz U know they won't even be there when U need them most?

Which way would U choose? Sha would love 2 know cuz believe it, Sha has living thorough it.
So Please, Post U'r comment here or just contact me personally with shafebri@gmail.com
Sha will be helping U 200% guarantee ^0^

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Harsha Gopal said...

though loneliness hurts, i think it gives a chance to explore one's inner self and know for yourself what strange a thing we are ! :)