Stop Bullying in School

This are the slogan that Sha had seen when passes the street. It was placed in front of a Senior High School. Let’s just say High School J. somehow, it reminds Sha of some old memories, which Sha didn’t ever want 2 remember since it was so painful enough to bear.
Anyways, on Sha’s era---when Sha’s in Junior or Senior High School----bullying is often happened. Though it wasn’t that extreme as today, but it still happens. It’s simple, senior in school came to you, asking for your money and if you didn’t gave them; they’ll just beat you out. Not to kill you of course, merely to give you a lesson to obey them. These often happen to the boys.
What about the girls?
Mostly those who became The Victim suffer mentally. For, their girl friends at school will gossiping her around, talking sinisterly to her, influenced other girls not to be friend with her, or even locked her in the toilet as there’s nobody around. Shortly they’ll be doing everything to get you out of their way. Cuz they don’t like your face, don’t like your so snobbish attitude (as they called it, but actually they are the snobbish), they don’t like your existence as you easily enter the chat between the boys, etc. Mainly they dislike you so much.
Well, that’s in Sha’s era. What about today?
It’s worst. The Victim will suffer not just mentally but physically cuz their girl friend beating her out, throwing out her bags and books even her chair and desk. They will certainly try to kill you or either way to force you onto suicide. This condition not just happens in Japan, but now in Indonesia as well.
Well, your senior won’t bother to kick you out from car after they rob your money, they leave you somewhere else empty handed. Or your junior acting as she or he ruled the whole school, acting like a b**** just becuz they got the money, they’re parents donated a lot on School funds, they’re an actor or an actress and they needed special treat from teachers and their so exist group. Once they got the chance they stab you from the back.
That’s quite a life in school now.
Not to mention the gap that keeps wider every time between The Exist group----which is richer, mostly dumb, stylish, fashionable, etc and The Non-Exist group---which mostly smarter, just a common student who obeys rules, etc. What about those in between? They try hard 2 survived in between, notice there’s no way to go. This is the culture before and still happens now as Sha speaks.
About two years ago, there’s a suicide epidemic happened (Sha doesn’t exactly remember when----sorry ~~!) in some rural areas. Those children committed suicide due to economical matters. They feel embarrassed as their friends bullied her or him for she or he didn’t pay school fee. Mostly, they came from poor families. Such a pity to hear it as they----who supposed to be the cheerful, young and happy children committed suicide so easily…without even knows what their parents would feel.
Death is not the answer, you can’t run or hide from trouble. Instead, braced it with your might, fight them cuz it’s your right to live and to be happy.
Sadly, these words are being forgotten so easily. They who drown in sadness often runaway from everything, believing that to escape is the only way to pass through. For the others, Brutality seems as the cure for hatred… a perfect formula to destroy youngsters these days.
Bullying not just happens in school but in some university too. STPDN, for Indonesian this acronyms surely will ring something. Sha believe all of you will remember how The Victims dies as their seniors beating them so hard and it was all fine for the faculty— though not all of them, but some of them, just close their eyes. They—the seniors says it’s part of field training: they have to strong both physically and mentally… that’s just another excuses to get your wrath satisfy.
But thanks to the expose of media, this case has risen in the air. The facts are being told and law has been put for the guilty.

What about you then?
Have you ever been a victim of bullying?? If so, do please put your comments here. Sha will tries to cheer you up then ^0^
Cuz sadly but true, Sha is one of the victims too.
So here, Sha wants to encourage you to be The Fighter, go fight and defend yourself…you have the right to live, to be happy, to be you becuz we are so special… so special than others. Be Proud to be U ^0^

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