Memories Within As Hope Will Begin

When U looking up at U'r phonebook, scrolling down those names within, U might realize how peopla had come n go in U'r life. They gave U such story whether it's good or bad, whether it's happy or sad. What Sha would called it? it called Memories.
Memories are fragile, they could break easily as U getting 2 know others more or vice versa. In the other hand, memories sometimes are the only thing that left in this world if U had left by those whom U loved most. Though Death is natural, still sometimes it's hard 2 face it. yet, with memories U always know he/she still live in U'r heart. They're alive within U'r memories of them.

Even so, life has 2 go on. Reminisce is a must sometimes yet we must step forward as the time's ticking fast.

If U fall down 2 U'r knees n got none who'll comfort, notice that this world is 2 cruel, feeling best 2 die, depression and agony was U'r meal everyday-----Just remember this : As long as U still have the conscience and tries 2 live without hurting some1 else, there'll will be help..came out of nowhere.

Why Sha is so confident bout this? Cuz it's true, though this world is cruel, though money is all the purpose 2 live, though one of U'r bloods-related could ruins U'r life...4 those who'd done the Deed and tries 2 live without hurting any1, help shall be there cuz Karma exist. Though the solution and the generousity sometimes wasn't include ASAP, still there's a slight chance of hope.

Believe it or not, hope and memories could mixed themeselves n provides us strength 2 face the worst ever. Maybe what Aristotle said that " I am alive when I'm thinking " is true, still hope n memories would be driven U 2 live the life as lively as U can.

So just enjoy, enjoy the smile in U'r face, enjoy the sound of children in the afternoon, enjoy the rush hour as U saw people walkin here n there...enjoy the hot sun rays, enjoy the cold wind, enjoy every simple things in U'r life n be thankful 2 be alive.

PS: This post is dedicated 2

1. My Family cuz 2 these times we're facin the worst n I'm grateful that every1 stays with me till the very end---sorry 4 draggin all of U inside this blackhole....if only I hadn't done that..maybe we could buy some time. It's hard struggling 2 fight my very own....thx 4 bein there 4 me.
2. 4 ABS, sorry 2 kept U bothered all these times. U'r helpin me very much in almost everythin..U'r the best,bro ^^
3.Mr.Fauzie, my deep condolensces for U'r wife's death...I hope God will give U n U'r family strength 2 face everything.
4.J-Sin, thx a lot 4 all the stories U shared with me..lookin 4ward 2 hear U'r music ^^

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