Another Story : Box Of Hope

Shalizm's here (Sha with G of Course), we would like to introduce U 2 our new spin off story from Box Of Hope (Sha's unfinished project from 2004). Actually we wanted 2 post it's manga here since we don't hv time 2 finished it all, so instead we decided 2 put it in a short prose here.
take a look n do enjoy ^0^

Box Of Hope

Phase 1

There's always a question of Who I am and Why I live, yet till today as I stood upon my feet to this solid dark ground, I found that the answer is none.
So, I am no one and I don't have the goals to live.
Then Why am I here...now??
I walk straight, rush my way through the crowd upon me. Careless enough that I dropped the bag. I walk back, as I realized then took the effort to grab it.

"So..this's life for me"
"So much of a bitter plum than a tasteful grape"

That familiar voice echoed in my head, making me feel so calm all of a sudden.
I keep myself to stand in reality. Impossible, He can't be here not in a crowded street of Durgana, Paradise of Undine. He doesn't even know that I'm here, I had ran from him 5000 years ago. So it was a nonsense that He still alive because He was immortal unlike me.
Eventhough my head keep telling me the fact yet my feet was walking towards it. As if losing control of myself, I walk unconsciously.

Eventually, after I pushed myself away from the crowd, I saw a tall, dark haired man, about the age of 20s or so. He was wearing a dark t-shirt with wings embedded on the back and a dark jeans. He wore a chain that tucked with his wallet. I gasped as I realized that He wore the same yet who is this man. I stood there, watching him humming low on the side of Dryad's Bridge. He was looking into the water.

I stood there, motionless, never know what I should do. Should I call Him?? No, there's a 100% chance that it wasn't Him. But, what if it was Him? what if He managed to lived??
My mind still playing tricks with me and I'm holding myself against it.
Just then, in a sudden he look straight to me. I can't help the tears which falling from my eyes now,as I saw that familiar face---it was Him, the one whom always resides in my heart...it was Him yet How can it be??

"Hope? is that you??"
I look down and silently cry, telling myself to brace it because once I looked up again He'll gone.. again..just like before.
I hear the footsteps rushed towards me--almost running. I feel that He grabbed my hand, hugged me tight, so tight. The warmth that spread within His hands brought tranquility into my heart, and the beat of his heart that was closed in my ears gave me the feeling that I was home again. No! I pushed myself from him.

Almost cried, I yelled, "Why are you here?? how can you even stand here as if there was nothing happened?"

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